Shallow Depth of Field 


Photos With Good Composition

Food Photography

Travel Poster

David Hockney

Vintage “Tin Type”


Social issue poster



Wassily Kandinsky’s art is more like abstract and he has different shapes and colors in his art. I like his art because I feel like he takes his time with his art and I like how there are many colors in his art. My favorite image of his is the one below there is lots of lines and different shapes and one of the images looks like it is the world. The colors go good with the shapes.


The picture on the left is Sandy Skoglund’s original image. To me her image is showing a girl in her bed and around her there are sheep’s so the picture is referring to her sleeping. On the right is my image and the fishes are floating because there is an ocean.

Emotion Photo Series

Senior Portrait 

I edited my pictures with snap seed, I used the same filters and editing on all pictures. 

Pop Art portrait

Graduation design

Man and Nature



Botanical Lay Flat Series

Little People Big World

Me And Myself